Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2.5 days to go ..

My countdown continues - 2.5 days to go til I am up in the bright lights on stage. :) This evening I'm heading down to visit my coach, Craig, for a "final look" and to find out what I should be eating the next few days. With that said, I have a few butterflies in my stomach. I think it would be unnatural not to have a few, right? I'm not nervous per se, but I think it's more or less just like "it's coming!!". You prep so hard for so long, and then the date comes - and all you can think is, did I go hard enough? I'd like to say that I did. Do I think I could've pushed myself a little harder and not messed up on my diet here and there, sure. However, overall I am very proud of myself and am determined to do well.
Several people have been asking me if I will go back to eating the way I did prior to the show. My answer is, no. Not that I ate terribly before this prepping, because I was always very conscience of what went into my body, but I also 1.) have learned so much about foods, and have really seen some of the items I thought were "good" weren't really that "good" for me, 2.) would allow myself full cheat days, and not just a cheat meal. My goal after this show, of course depending on how I do, is to make it to Nationals, and see how I do there. If I don't place in this show, which is a Nationals qualifying show, I plan to find another qualifier and get my place to go to Nationals. Long term goal - get my pro card, of course! I don't really see myself stopping until I do either. We shall see, right?
In other news, can I just say it's so odd that I didn't do cardio this morning? I do cardio every Wednesday morning, but all exercise has ceased as of today. I even asked my co-worker "what am I going to do during my lunch hour?!" because I'm so used to going to the gym. Ha. Obsession = Dedication.
Keep counting with me! :) <3 Nicole

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