Friday, May 3, 2013

8 days out and feeling content

I'm getting down to the final days before my first show. Whoot! Realization is setting in that this is it, what I've been training for for the last 13 weeks. Crazy to think back in January this all began officially. Of course my love for fitness started much before that, but the balls to the walls training and strict/clean eating didn't really become a big part of my life until the last week of January 2013.
I feel like regardless of how I do within this show I have so much to be proud of myself for, and so much more that I want to accomplish now in this industry. I've decide to get certified in personal training and am going with the NASM certification, as well as get certified as a Nutritionist here in the near future as well. So many of my friends have asked for my help in getting fit, and honestly, I enjoy and love helping them, and spreading my knowledge to them, so why not take the next time and be able to spread that love and knowledge to even more people with that certification under my belt?
So as far as my nerves are concerned, I'm quite surprised with myself. I really am kind of laid back in the actual show presentation at this point and am going in with the attitude that I've done a kick ass job, and I'm ready to strut my stuff. Does that sound bad? Ha! Oh well, at this point I feel like I have a right to be proud of myself. :)
Just to give a little insight on my progress check out my before and after picture. The before was taken on my very first day of training in the gym with my Team Sweat Shoppe workout plan, and the after photo was taken on April 20th by a professional photographer, Jon Ruby, here in Atlanta at Colony Square Athletic Club, which is my current home gym.

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 8 days out and totally ready for it. LET'S GO! :) <3 Nicole

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