Tuesday, May 21, 2013

competing = hard work - toughest sport out there

Preparing for a fitness competition is hard work, and I give anyone so much credit for the amount of time, dedication and hard work they put into the process. Myself, I like to plan ahead as far as possible and coast my way into the show without having to stress or kill myself a few before the show. Instead in mine, I like to sit back, relax and practice my posing and calm my nerves. Honestly, I highly suggest this. It's also the most healthy way to go about preparing for a show, which is my NUMBER 1 thing.
I recently saw a comment on Facebook that someone wrote in regards to competitors and I absolutely loved it, so I wanted to share it:
   "Bodybuilding, Physique (men and women), Figure and Bikini .. the hardest sport in the world. We train insane, breaking the body down to build it, we stay strict, we don't get to party, we pack chicken and asparagus just to go to the movies, we lose friends and even family, and relationships.. but we still lift. We train year round just to get on stage to be picked apart, analyzed, combed over to find our weaknesses and our strengths. Hours we spend in the gym, prepping food, cardio -- all for a few minutes of judgement from our peers. But we do it. We KEEP doing it by means of being the very best we can be. Trophy or not, place or not, putting in the time, the discipline, the passion and desire.. toughest sport on Earth .. I love it."
That statement is so true, beyond true. There are hard days, there are easy days, but every one of those days I love. I feel like to some other athletes in the sport they may look at other athletes and say "they aren't pushing themselves hard enough", but ya know, who are we to say that? How do we know that just yesterday they were working out 10x as hard, maybe they have an injury they are trying to keep from expanding, maybe they are just flat tired - we don't know - but what we do know is that they are there, at that gym, pushing themselves, and they are at home or at work staying true to their diet, and working towards acheiving their goals.
All I know is that through this entire competition process I have learned that discipline is the true key, as well as thoroughness, motivation and responsibility. No one can ever tell me it can't be done because they have too much going on in their lives. I have a 2 year old daughter, a full time job, 2 blogs, a wedding planning business, a 2 hour commute once a week, church, a social life .. and I still find time to drive an hour away to posing classes and an hour back home or to the gym, to do 30 minutes of cardio before most people are even waking up for work, lifting weights on my lunch hour, and even hitting the gym after work, as well as spending hours in the kitchen preparing my meals every day/week. It can be done, if you want to do it and have the drive to do it. With that said, today is my leg day on my lunch hour at work :) 3 weeks and 4 days til Junior Nationals! <3 Nicole

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