Wednesday, May 15, 2013

competition day wrap up .. Eastern Seaboard 2013

Well, it's now 4 days after my first show, and I am sitting here looking at this screen wondering what exactly to write about my show day(s) experience. I guess the best way to start off would be that I had an absolutely awesome time, and learned so much.  Not only did I learn how a show runs, but I learned the what to do's for next time and the what NOT to do's, as well as I learned a bit about myself. Overall, I call it an absolute win in my book, just based on those few items alone.
I guess you probably want to know how I did, right? Well, I placed 4th in my class and 9th in novice. I of course wanted to be a bit higher on both of those, but for my first show I am pleased :) With the 4th place placing in my class I have now qualified for JR Nationals that is taking place in Chicago, IL on June 14th and 15th at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. I am absolutely ecstatic about this! My family is from Chicago, and I still have quite a few family members that live there, so my parents are going to fly out for the show, and then I'm hoping to have some of my CHI town family members in the crowd too. On top of it a friend or two of mine will be joining me onhe road trip (yes, we're driving!). Updates on that later!
Both Friday and Saturday I was spray tanned first thing in the morning. Wow. What an experience. We're talking dropping all of your clothes from head to toe and letting all your business be shown to the tanner, not that they are even phased because it's their job, but it's definitely not the place for anyone that may be too shy. HA! I absolutely loved the color I was sprayed with, and it turned out wonderfully. I wasn't orange at all, which was my fear, I was strictly brown, very dark brown.
After all the tanning business, both days, my hair and make-up girl, Yasmine, came over to my home and spent a few hours putting on the most amazing makeup and styling my hair to the max. She did a great job, and I was incredibly pleased with the outcome.
When it came down to the actual show, I wasn't nervous in the slightest, really! I hung out back stage completely at ease, made sure I looked good before going on stage, lathered up with some PAM to make myself shiny and off I went. I did feel a tad rushed on stage for the Bikini Novice, but we were informed that is exactly how Nationals are ran. I am hoping that at Nationals I am not in a row behind 5 other girls, where I can't be seen though. Unfortunately, the stage was pretty small and we all had to be packed on top of one another. The host assured us that next year the stage would be much larger so this doesn't happen again :) No worries.
Here are a few photos from the show, pro shots and behind the scene shots.


Amy (a fellow teammate that placed 3rd in Figure Masters) and myself.
Me, Craig (my coach), Jin Yoo (body builder, camera put something on his nose), Yena Park-Yoo (bikini), Amy Campbell (figure), and Nicole Duncan (posing coach and IFBB Fitness Pro). Some of my team.
Lastly, I think one part of the show that made me the most excited was that we were able to get critiqued by 5 National judges before Saturday's show if interested. I of course was. My critiques were minimal such as not pinching my back in my back pose, bringing down the shoulders and loosely putting my hands on my legs so my elbows aren't back; get my suit bottoms to fit a little tighter to form to my butt more; and to slightly tighten up my hamstrings. I'm already working towards making these changes and plan to come into Nationals with every single one improved. :)

I'm so thankful for my friends Lauren, Christina, Mark, Jessica, Ken and Kristi for coming out to see my show and support me, as well as my other teammates for all their support! Also, a big thank you to my coach Craig for sticking with me and being super supportive in everything, he has helped me so much! Then of course to the amazing Nicole Duncan for giving me the posing techniques that made me feel so comfortable on stage and teaching me to find my "inner diva". Love you all!
So with that said I'm very happy with my first show, and am looking forward to the next one! I took two days off after the show, and ate some bad things (ha!) but am now back to training, and much more intensely. Let's go! Junior Nationals here I come!! <3 Nicole

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  1. Cant wait to hear about the next show! Loved watching you this show and so proud of you!