Monday, May 20, 2013

my favorite glute/hamstrings exercises! operation get a tight booty!

Everyone asks me ideas for exercises and then asks what my favorites are. Well, with not much thought at all, and little hesitation, I can absolutely tell you my all time two favorite glute/hamstring exercises. I feel like these two exercises alone help make an amazing booty! So with that said here they are, enjoy!
Glute Pushdowns on the Super Assisted Pull-up Machine
You may have to play around with the weight to see what best suits you, I am finding myself to be at about the 75-80lb range currently, but do what best suits you. After setting the weight you simply place one foot on the pad and push down, using your heel focusing on your glutes, and you push the weight down. Hold on to the rails beside the pad to assure you do not fall, and make sure you are getting a really good range of motion going all the way down and up to where your knee is almost right back up at the top. Be sure you aren't going incredibly fast, and instead as mentioned, you are focusing on your glutes in each push down. I typically do 4 sets of 25. This will work your glutes and your hams!
Reverse Lunges on the Smith Machine
You will add your weight to the Smith Machine, again whatever best suits you, I find myself using anywhere from 45-55lbs on each side. Place the bar on your upper back/shoulders region, kick one leg out as far back as you possibly can, and keep it straight at all times, never bending that knee in this process, this leg is strictly for balance. Bend your other leg at the knee in the typical lunge position, however, make sure your knee is aligned with your ankle instead of pushing forward, your chest is coming close down to your knee as you go down (not touching though), and drive up through your heel (the one that is bent) in an up and down motion pulling your body upwards. You never step in or out, just repeat the lunge in this position for your number of reps, then swap legs. I typically do 4 sets of 15 of these.
I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do. I'll add some videos soon to show myself doing these two exercises as well, which might help you visualize everything a bit further. Happy Monday and the countdown to Jr. Nationals is 3 weeks and 5 days :) <3 Nicole

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