Monday, July 22, 2013

a photoshoot on the lake!

Contest prep is well under way! I'm right at 131lbs as of today, with only a few more to go before the big day in August. Right on track. I must admit though I probably need to kick my cardio up a notch - as I've been oversleeping lately and missing my before work cardio sessions here and there. {{slapping myself}}. I'll get back to it! :)
I'm super excited to share with you guys a recent photo shoot experience I had with Chaparral Boats. I will be in some of their upcoming advertisements, including their pamphlet they will provide in reference to their Sunesta line of boats. Can I just say this shoot was a total blast?! First off all, this was how my morning began out on the boat -

Talk about beautiful, huh? The remainder of my day consisted of riding around on beautiful boats, laying out on lounges getting my photograph taken, and conversing with some awesome people! Okay, okay, it was a little more work than that - but not too much :) It was a super long day, and I definitely got some sun. But well worth it!
You will also be able to see video footage, taken by a videographer that shoots for the Discovery Channel on YouTube soon too! I'll be sure to post the link and also photos from the ads as soon as they come out.

The first boat I shot on. It was awesome! We did a "lifestyle" esk shoot.

Another boat, and the photographer on the boat with the tower. 

Taking a break to sunbathe. I could get used to this :)

After my wakeboarding shot in the water.

More of the boats and a close up of the photographer boat.

Once again a few of the other boats.

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