Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 weeks 1 day out.

Closer and closer - it's almost here, and it came a whole heck of a lot faster than I expected to be honest. Monday I started a revised diet to cut off some extra body fat and began intensifying my training. Cardio sessions are in full effect, along with high rep weight lifting. As some say - BEAST MODE. Ha!
I'm super excited for this show, let me tell you! My hotel is booked, flight is booked, entry fee is paid, suit is all fixed up, spray tan is booked. So needless to say - all I need to do is show up, right? Whoot! I've been working on my posing at home, and trying to change it up a tad for this show. My last show I was told not to pinch my back and pull my elbows back - which was a natural instinct for me for some reason. So with that said, I've been trying to master bringing my hands down on my legs a bit further so I don't have that pinched back look and pointy elbows :) I must say, my back looks so much better in this pose, so it totally make's sense. I've also created my own version of the onstage "wave" vs my previous one, where I felt I looked silly because I'm so tall. I'm heading down to see my coach this weekend for a check-in, so I'm hoping to be able to get a quick video of my posing and I'll post it up here, which will make a little more sense than my word description.
You know the funny part about it all is that I'm not even nervous. I'm just chilled, laid back and ready to do this. I know these next 3 weeks I have a lot of work to do and to get those finishing touches all set with my body - but I'm not worried. I know I'll be ready that day when I step on stage, completely! Never do anything half ass because - where will that get you, right?
Til the next time :) <3 Nicole

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