Friday, August 23, 2013

7 days out!

1 week out from show day - that's right! These last couple of days have been rough, I will say that, but definitely worth it. I pulled 3 days of no carbs, and let me just tell you, you never realize how much that will affect you until you start training for a competition and have them gone for 3 days in a row. The results though? Fantastic. Today I started my morning off right with about 40g of carbs and 1 1/8 cup of egg whites, which felt amazing I must say. Ha!
I'm feeling much more confident now that I took those 3 days to get my body where it should be. I just felt like my lower body wasn't coming in the way that it should've been, especially with all the hard work I've put into it these past few months. I think at this point I would feel great walking onto that stage right this very minute, which is the feeling I needed to achieve.
Hoping for this next week to fly by because I'm super excited about heading out to Pittsburgh. I've never traveled completely by myself, except to like Alabama for work, which was only 3 or 4 hours away, so this will be an exciting experience for just that factor alone. Then add my first National show, it being just my second show, and not knowing a soul there. Nerves are kicked in but at the same time I think a lot of that is just my excitement for what's to come.
Progress photos to come, promise. :) <3 Nicole

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  1. Hope all goes well!! You are doing great!