Monday, August 26, 2013


It's MONDAY! Whoo. Anyhow - with that said, it's 4 days to go until the North American Championships. How am I feeling right about now? Excited, pumped, and ready to do this! Seriously.
I popped into see my coach yesterday and we seem to be right on point, so I'm definitely happy with that. Last weeks no carb days really paid off to drop off some of that extra weight that wasn't needed. I'm feeling super content with my legs and butt now, which is a pretty huge deal, to say the least, ha!
I've started making my checklist of everything I need to make sure to bring along to Pittsburgh that I may need. Items from safety pins, bikini bite, to my flat iron, my 6-pack bag, and more. At first I thought about not checking my bag for my flight because I didn't need much, but I've decided why not bring more, just incase, so with that said I will be checking my bag. However, I am going to put my suit, heels and jewelry in my carry on. What a nightmare that would be if my suitcase was lost and my entire competition get-up was in there. I'd die.
As promised, here is a photo from Sunday. Don't mind my crazy hair and the bad lighting :)

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