Friday, September 13, 2013

off-season? hmmm ..

Here we are just a few weeks out from my last competition and I am feeling somewhat unfulfilled.  It's funny how when you're training so hard, going to the gym twice a day, eating absolutely pristine and all you can think about is your show, and then afterwards what you might gorge yourself in. Then once it's all said and done and you decide to go into "off season" and don't have another show until possibly February, you feel a tad lost.
Honestly, I should be eating this up - loving every minute of it, because this is the time where I truthfully can make total changes to my body.  I have about 4 months worth of training to work with to really truly build. My main focuses are my glutes and hamstrings - my trouble area as I like to call it, and I also intend to really work on my abdominals even more - I want to really define them out.
So it sounds like I have a plan right? Well, yes. The issue? I'm having a hard time letting go of my competition ready body, to put on the extra pounds. Once you learn to love your body a certain way, and to know how much hard work you've put into it - regardless if you are putting weight on to make yourself look even better - it's still difficult. The thought of not seeing the curvatures so nicely in my shoulders and arms makes me a tad sad. Ha!
What I'm having to learn though is to forgo the scale. The scale was my trusty friend during my competition training. It wasn't the tell-tale sign, but it definitely gave me good insight on how my foods were being digested and so forth. I used to weigh myself twice daily, no lie. In the morning and at night, really for more curiosity purposes rather than need. Now - I'm only getting on the scale about once a week, and ya know - I need to just put the darn thing in a closest and forget about it until prep time comes and just focus on my building. (note to self)

Well - with that said, I'm off to the beach, and will be starting with a whole new outlook come next week when I return. <3 Nicole

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