Tuesday, January 7, 2014

oh where for art thou inexpensive workout clothes?!

Is it just me or are gym clothes seriously priced a bit high? I know that the fabrics are more expensive, which in turn increases the price of the clothing item, but for me I can't always drop $65.00 - $120.00 on a pair of workout pants. With that said, I constantly am on the look out for nice workout clothes that are under or close to being under $65.00. Sure, I splurge on a few key items, because every once in awhile I like to treat myself, as well as just really need a particular item, but for the most part I am on a budget, and I have found some amazing deals on workout gear, that are cute, and also of good quality.
One spot I always like to check out is Forever 21. They've added an activewear line to their stores and not only are they super cute and affordable but they are also pretty long lasting! I first started purchasing Forever 21 workout gear last June (2013) and I started off with 3 pairs of their capri pants, a few sports bras and a couple of their built in bra shirts. I workout approx. 5 days a week, and honestly have worn these pants every week since then with no issues. They have not stretched out, the fabric is still in great condition and truly have had no issues with them! The sports bras and shirts - same thing. These are actually some key pieces within my workout apparel!
           Crisscross Back Sports Bra - $13.80 / Reflective Skinny Workout Capris - $19.80
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Another great spot I've found with more inexpensive, but nice quality activewear is Old Navy. What's great about Old Navy is if you catch a sale, like the current one going on this month, plus having a coupon - you can get some items for next to nothing. Even if you don't catch a sale, Old Navy always has coupons or their super cash going on which will help bring down the original low price, even more so. I own quite a few of their compression leggings, along with their compression capris and absolutely ADORE them. They honestly feel amazing and look great! I also own a few of their 1/4 Zip Jackets, and always purchase my tank tops from here - they are so inexpensive but feel so soft and are LONG.

    GoDRY Graphic Tank - $12.00       /          Compression Leggings - $22.00
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Everyone loves a motivational workout shirt, right? Well, I know I do, and I own a few too. Ruffles With Love is a great and cost effective store I've found to get mine from. Tanks, tees, sweatshirts, twist backs, you name it they have it. You can also get your own custom quote/phrase printed on the shirts. I own "I don't sweat, I sparkle" and "Busting Mine - To kick yours", and they absolutely rock. Great quality of print work and the tee is a great tee as well.
                Racerback Tank - $26.00                     /           Eco Fleece - Workout Zip Up Hoodie - $46.00
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I'm kind of obsessed with printed workout gear. I just think it's a fun way to bring in your personality into the gym and who says you have to dress frumpy to push iron? I know I sure don't. I love the gym and I love my clothes I wear at the gym so I'm always looking for fun prints and styles too along with that inexpensive factor. Now these are on the higher end of the budget, but as I've said - some pieces are just worth it, plus these are still below the $65.00 number I mentioned too :)
               Muscle Tank Top - $33.00      /      Capri Pant - Sugar Skull - $56.00
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I know there are so many great spots out there to find workout gear in your budget besides these, but these are a few of my favorites. I would absolutely love to hear about any others that you shop at and might suggest so I can try them out as well, so leave me a comment and tell me your favorite places to find the best gear at!  <3 Nicole

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