Wednesday, December 3, 2014

holiday blues turned upside down..

Keeping a healthy lifestyle and being on competition prep around the holidays is tough. I should know, I'm doing just that. However, it is possible. I might be a bit different than others, as I've really learned how to maintain the "look" of my body, while allowing myself to indulge, but truthfully I think it's crucial. With my prep I allow myself two cheats a week up until about 2 weeks before I step on stage. I try not to go overboard with these cheats and I steer clear of fried foods, but they are legit cheats and not always just a burger - think Mexican queso and chips or a big bowl of pasta, that's right pasta - omg right? Ha!
So here is my philosophy, and as I mentioned everyone is different and everyone's body is different, however, once you've figured out exactly how your body works with lots of trial and error, those cheat meals or refeeds can become pretty beneficial whether it be mentally or also by throwing your body off and kicking it back into gear. I've done dieting where I didn't cheat for months at a time (talk about wanting to cry) and yes, I shredded down and looked good - but I also lost muscle, didn't look full and quite frankly my mind was not where it needed to be. Eventually I attempted adding in a cheat meal once a week and I started seeing pretty incredible changes, where I looked "full" but also lean at the same time. Funny how that works huh?
Well over time with my workouts and my prep dieting my metabolism has decided to speed up to 100mph, thus throwing in another cheat meal on top of upping my portions on my meal plan. I'm also a lot happier of a girl. :)
So with all of that said - those of you that are attempting to lose weight, prep for an upcoming show or just stay healthy - don't be scared to allow yourself a cheat meal here and there. You'd really be shocked with what it can do for you! So go enjoy that Christmas dinner or those potato latkes! I know I will be enjoying Christmas dinner with my family with a show approximately 4 weeks out from there!
Happy Holidays! <3 Nicole

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