Fitness and athleticism have always been a large part in my life, coming from a background of competitive swimming and volleyball. I’ve always had a strong passion for excelling in all that I do, but especially in regards to fitness activities. I began weight training in January of 2012, exactly 1 year after having my daughter, Blake. During my pregnancy I gained a vast amount of weight, 65lbs to be exact, due to having a high risk pregnancy and not eating the way I should have been, the weight piled on and I became very unhealthy. After my pregnancy I lost approximately 40lbs by changing my diet, but really didn’t get in the exercise I needed to in order to really get my body back into shape. Come January 2012, I knew I had to get myself back in order for not only myself, but my daughter as well, so I began working out at a local gym with a personal trainer twice a week - whom introduced me to weight lifting. Immediately I fell in love. I spent 5 days a week in the gym, lifting heavier and heavier and really began to see a difference within my body, my overall health and just felt amazing about myself.

In January 2013 I decided that I wanted to enter in a National Physique Committee Bikini competition. I had seen many photos of some of my favorite bikini athletes to this day, as well as several figure and physique women, and knew that this was the direction I wanted to go. I wanted to be able to accomplish the task of really putting my body to the test. I enlisted the help of a local coach and began prepping for my very first show that took place in May of 2013. With placing 4th in my class, I was immediately hooked. I moved onto my first National level show in Pittsburgh (August 2013) and placed 11th within my class. I was beyond proud of myself, inside and out and longed to continue. Going into a 7 month off season to build, I competed again in April 2014 at the Kentucky Derby, placing 1st in my class, an absolutely amazing achievement that left me feeling beyond blessed!

Since competing at the Kentucky Derby I’ve competed at the NPC Jr USA’s and the IFBB North American Championships in August 2014 where I placed first in my Open Class Bikini F and earned my IFBB ProCard.

Throughout this entire experience I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought I could, challenged myself to new extremes and found a love for fitness that I didn’t know even existed. My goal is to spread the message of really allowing yourself to achieve any obstacles in order to obtain your goals, as well as being able to show my daughter the ins and outs of true determination, hard work and faith. From pregnancy, to an adrenaline issue causing my training to be handled in a particular manner, pushing myself to new extremes and learning the inside and outs of my diet, supplementation and just overall good exercise form I believe anything is possible.

Aside from fitness I work as a legal secretary at an Intellectual Property law firm in Atlanta, GA, as well as write a blog all about everyday life being a single Christian mother.


05/11/2013 Eastern Seaboard (Atlanta, Ga) - 4th Open Class Bikini D
08/31/2013 IFBB North Americans (Pittsburgh, PA) - 11th Open Class Bikini F
04/19/2014 Kentucky Derby (Louisville, KT) - 1st Open Class Bikini F
05/24/2014 Jr USA's (Charleston, South Carolina) - 16th Open Class Bikini F
08/30/2014 IFBB North Americans (Pittsburgh, PA) - 1st Open Class Bikini F
01/30/2015 IFBB Legends Classic Bikini Pro (Las Vegas, NV) - 15th Place
05/02/2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro (Pittsburgh, PA) - 18th Place
05/09/2015 IFBB Eastern Seaboard Pro (Atlanta, GA) - 12th Place