Looking to compete? Maybe you already do and are looking for a change or some posing help? Or maybe you just want to get in better shape for that upcoming event or just life in general? Whatever your goals are, I can help! I'm a certified personal trainer with ISSA and a competition prep coach! Come join our team of girls and get in the best shape of your life, whether it be for the stage or for everyday life!

Services offered:
  • Macros based Nutrition Plans Catered Specifically to Your Body (including vegetarian and gluten free plans!)
  • Monthly Workout Plans with Varying Exercises 
  • In-person One-on-One Training Sessions
  • NPC Bikini and Figure Competition Prep/Coaching
  • Diet / Weight-loss Coaching
  • Individual / Group NPC Posing Classes; in person or via Skype 

Affordable plans, offering month to month payments. 

To find out more information in regards to diet/prep/coaching inquiries please visit Team Pro Physiques and ask for Nicole!

For individual and/or group posing sessions please email me directly at

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